Eclipsing variable V2051 Oph


V2051 Oph RA (2000.0) 17:08:19.1 Dec (2000.0) -25:48:30

Comparison Star V2051Oph5 RA (2000.0) 17:08:21 Dec (2000.0) -25:48:35 Mg =13.79V (B-V=1.64)

Ra and Dc not check

Equiment 0.28m SCT F/D10 +ST7XE pixels size 0.66" Field (window) 5.6'x5.6'

(Runtime serie 500 exposures of 15 seconds )


TIME SERIE 2003-04-20 (under full Moon)

The superhumps have become even clearer, and the depths of eclipses
became smaller (0.5-0.7 mag) with rather complex detailed features.
The profiles of eclipses and superposed superhumps were highly variable
from time to time, !
V2051 Oph is apparently displaying another example of complex behavior
in a short-period, high-inclination SU UMa-type dwarf nova in developing

Comments of the curve by Taichi Kato


Time Serie 2003-04-22


Time Serie 2003-04-26



What is an Eclipsing Variable Star : ?

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